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Covers by Jeremy Robinson

Below is a collection of covers I have done for various clients (including my own covers). Any covers that show only the front cover, and not the full wrap around are works in progress.


“Jeremy was able to take a vague core concept, find the heart of it, and create a sleek, polished, cover that has allowed my book to flourish. Anyone can offer a good price. Jeremy offers attentive service, professional quality and dedication above and beyond what you might expect. A bargain at any price.” - Jemir Robert Johnson,  Author of 5 SHOTS

"We had a very specific, detailed idea in mind for our cover and yet Jeremy’s very first draft exceeded our expectations! His service was prompt, friendly and very responsive and he delivered on all of our requests, and even provided great feedback and suggestions. His work is eye-catching, packs punch, and now we have a gorgeous cover we are very, very proud of and love showing off!!"   -- Angela Blacker (pen name Rai Aren), co-author of SECRET OF THE SANDS

"Jeremy Robinson is a fantastic cover artist. He won't just take your money and stick you with something you don't like and is all crappy (like some self publishing companies.) He takes the time and works with you to make sure you get what you're looking for. His skills and style as a cover artist are unmatched in the field of self publishing." -- Sugar Ray Dodge, author of Happy Valley and Son of Santa

“Jeremy is patient, prompt and professional. He effortlessly coped with the more obscure demands of my printer and made the pain of the process go away. His attentive communication and dedication to my cover made the 3000 miles between us seem like he was in the office next door! I got a great cover and made a new acquaintance, much more than I was looking for.” – Stevin Tasker author of Freedom’s Run

Targets of Deception


Whiskey in the Jar




The President's Henchman


Second Gateway


Return to Denthan




Eden Seed


Antarktos Rising

Oh yeah! The Antarktos Rising Mass Market Cover. I thought I liked the first as much as I could any cover, but this one is just that much more eye catching. AND, the text on my name and the title will be embossed. The white border around the title will be silver foil. AND the burnt out sections (upper right, the hole in the middle and lower left) will be a matte finish, while the rest will be gloss. I can't wait to see this bad boy printed!

Charles Colley

The newest cover for author, Charles Colley. It's a dandy! I also did his website, which can be seen at:

Red Moon

This is one of my newest and best covers. It's a redesign for a mass market version of Red Moon (the original trade paperback design is below).  I think this is a much more interesting and powerful cover. Should help sell bundles of copies!

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Love this cover. Makes me wish I were Jules Verne! Inspired by the original cover for The Swarm.


Freedom Run

This was my first mass market cover design and it came out great. The printed product is very cool. Stark white, black and red covers are always eye-catching.  FYI, the black border around the edge is not part of the cover. I added it so the image could be viewed on the white background of this page.


The Chronicles of Anaedor

The Chronicles of Anaedor is a young adult fantasy novel and I'm happy the cover fits the bill! Love the colors on this one.


If you can, get over to the Breakneck Books website and read the back cover copy on this one. Not only is it a zombie story...but it's a zombie story about potato picking zombies! Hence the cover featuring a creepy zombie face hiding in the potatoes! Two blurbs from Stephen King on this one too. Ooooh.

Red Moon

Not only did the cover for Red Moon come out great, it's also a fantastic novel. I rarely read the novels I do covers for (I'm a slow reader and most authors want their covers yesterday) but I read this one and man, is it an amazing read!

5 Shots

My most recent cover...and I've said this of my new favorites. This one, for a graphic novel, was really fun to make. It came out more eye-catching than either I or the author expected it least on my first attempt!

The Land that Time Forgot

One of my favorites. I was going for a Michael Crichton feel and I think I pulled it off. The Land that Time Forgot is an awesome novel and deserved an awesome cover.

Master of the World

Another new cover for another classic. Master of the World is a lesser known Jules Verne book, but it's pretty good. Speed is definitely a theme in the book, which is represented by the cover.


Violent Sands

Cover design for Violent Sands, by Sean Young, published by Breakneck Books. This is one of my favorites, and that makes me happy because it's one of the best books I've ever read.


Forge of the Gods

Yet another awesome book. Forge of the Gods is a fantasy novel by Eric Fogle, also published by Breakneck Books. This cover was a challenge, but I it came really nice.


Sons of Yocahu

Sons of Yocahu, as historical thriller by Gloria Bond is a novel that should be read required reading in schools. This book hasn't been released (at the time I'm writing this) but it will be soon.


The Chronicles of Soone

The Chronicles of Soone, by James Somers--a roller coast epic sci-fi story. It would have been easy to use some kind of generic sci-fi/space image, but I really want to capture what this book was about, it's hero Tiet Soone...and his fiery Barudii blade.


The Didymus Contingency

Full cover for my book, The Didymus Contingency. The rock image used was taken just moment after the image I used on the first edition of the book. Both are from Joshua Tree National Park...which is no where near the location of the story...but it works. A few people like the old cover better still, but this one looks more professional...more classy.


Raising the Past

This cover posed the biggest challenge of all the covers I've done so far. Making the mammoth appear three dimensional AND trapped in ice was a very tricky job and took about a week to pull off right. The end result is definitely eye catching though. It was worth the effort.


The Nineveh Project

I really like this cover because it's so different from the others. The modern look and Grisham-like feel was a first for me and I'm really happy with how it turned out. I also love how the front and back covers merge in the spine. It was a pain to do, but it came out great.

The Chronicles of Soone: The Rise of Lucin

Second book in the Chronicles series. I used the same layout and fonts so buyers would recognize the two books as belonging together. This is a darker book and I wanted the cover to reflect that. The challenge here was the hand...I end up using my own. Bet you didn't know I had super powers. *Update, COS2 is being shopped to larger publishers. Great news for the author, but it means this cover will not be finished.

Antarktos Rising

Out of all my books, this one is my favorite cover. If I saw this in the bookstore I'd buy it instantaneously without needing to read the back cover copy. It just screams the kind of story I love to read (and write). I'm really looking forward to seeing this in print.

Son of Santa

Son of Santa is, according to the author, a dramady. It's both Christmas comedy and a Washington DC political thriller. An odd mix, but I think I captured both elements on the cover. This was a front cover job only, so there will be no back cover posted.

Son of Santa

After changing the location of Son of Santa from Washington D.C. to New York City, the author employed my services again, this time for a full cover!

Secret of the Sands

This one is my newest and provided some unique challenges, like how to make a lion stature look like polished metal. Came out great though. FYI, the light beam (variations of which can be seen in the covers for The Didymus Contingency and Master of the World) was by request. I also did the Secret of the Sands website, which can be seen at: *The website has been altered since its original design, but you'll get the idea.


More to come...

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Rates for PRINT-ON-DEMAND books:

Soft Cover - Full Cover
Text layout and design
---------------Full wrap around cover (front, -------------------------back, spine)
---------------Barcode generation (ISBN ------------------------------provided by client)


Hard Cover - Full Cover
---------------Text layout and design
---------------Full wrap around cover (front, -------------------------back, spine)
---------------Flap design
---------------Barcode generation (ISBN -----------------------------provided by client)


Front Cover ONLY
---------------• Text layout and design
---------------• Front cover design


ISBN Barcode Generation Only: $30

Rates for Traditionally Published Offset books:

SSoft Cover - Full Cover
---------------• Text layout and design
---------------• Full wrap around cover (front, ------------------------back, spine)
---------------Barcode generation (ISBN ----------------------------provided by client)
---------------• Effects (embossing, foil, -------------------------------matte, etc) setup


Hard Cover - Full Cover
---------------• Text layout and design
---------------• Full wrap around cover (front, -------------------------back, spine)
---------------• Flap design
---------------• Barcode generation (ISBN ------------------------------provided by client)
---------------• Effects (embossing, foil, ----------------------------------matte, etc) setup

Front Cover ONLY
---------------• Text layout and design
---------------• Front cover design

Rates for Art Direction and Design:
---------------• Communication with -------------------------------------illustrator of choice
---------------• Text layout and design
---------------• Flap design
---------------• Barcode generation (ISBN ------------------------------provided by client)
--------------- • Effects (embossing, foil, --------------------------------matte, etc) setup


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